Do you know that?

  • "In 2011, the Assembly of the Republic declared the cork oak National Tree of Portugal";

  • "The first bottle of Coca-Cola, between 1894 and 1899, was sealed with a cork stopper";

  • "Cork production does not destroy trees. After harvesting, the cork oak performs a process of self-regeneration never seen in other forest species";

  • "The floor of the Sagrada Familia cathedral in Barcelona is made of cork to improve the acoustics and cut the cold";

  • "Portugal was a pioneer in environmental legislation for the protection of montados, and is currently the main legislator in this matter";

  • "In 1964, cork is successfully tested in NASA vehicles at speeds that amounted to 17,900 feet per second";

  • "Cork was one of the raw materials used in the caravels that sailed on seas never before sailed and in the military equipment of World War II".

* Information taken from, Portuguese Cork Association (