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I'm going to tell you a little bit about our brand, Corkforme.

The passion for cork has been around for a few years, long before creating the brand, the passion already existed! It was in 2014 that the desire spoke louder and Corkforme was created! There has always been a fascination for products allied with nature and over time we have been getting to know the properties of the raw material, leaving us more and more “in love”!

We are a small company, located in Fátima, Portugal. Right now we have 7 people, who do their best! Corkforme produces fashion accessories (jewelry), souvenirs and has partnerships with Portuguese companies for leather goods and footwear products.

All jewelry is created and produced by our artisans who create unique pieces betting on design, innovation and sustainability.

Over the years we have analyzed the entire route and we always try to improve! It is a present objective, to be able to help improve the environment.

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